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  • Basha Akin Al-Eto

    Akin Al-Eto is a bronzed warrior usually wearing fullplate and wielding his masterly crafted guisarme. He is a former palace guard to Ruby Price Khemet II for whom he served many years as one of the escorts. As a reward for his service he was granted land …

  • Nils Goldgun

    Nils is a burly dwarf of many years and former soldier under Al-Eto's command. He keeps the tools in working order when not on guard duty. He's usually wearing half plate and wielding a sap or a heavy flail.

  • Seckor

    Seckor is a Mwangi warrior who was once a slave but earned freedom through deeds in the service on the Ruby Prince. He's usually wearing tribal hide armor and wielding a spear. Seckor is a man of few words.

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