Death in the Deshreti

The price of freedom

12th Abadius, 4711
The party found the situation not to their liking and with Rathernass at the lead, they broke free of the processing camp with minimal supplies. Searching for an escape route they ran into their buyers. A retired captain of the royal army and his second in command. After a brief altercation and many injured party members, they came to an agreement to join Akin Al-Eto, not as slaves, but as mercenaries.

Once at Deshret, they were introduced to their mission. To fight and win the slave games in Eto in the upcoming month. After a night of rest in shoddy quarters, the arose to their intoductionary practice.

13th Abadius, 4711
The party made quick work of the slaves in nonlethal combat.


6 Abadius, 4011

The party finds themselves in a caravan… shackled. Rumor has it that it will be a five day journey to their next destination, Eto. Slaves belonging to the Osirion government, the party is on their first trip together, stripped of all supplies and goods. It is said that Sothis is a wonderous city and the party can see the glaming towers behind them but they did not have the freedom indulging in the romances the capital city has to offer. Five days loom ahead on a blistering journey. The party’s only reprieve is that it is winter time.

11 Abadiaus, 4011

It is evening under the harsh sky when the caravan reaches Eto, the final stop before the parched dunes. It’s mainly a tent city of a million colors, filled with merchants trading goods to novice adventurers and passing travelers in the region. The walls are made from large blocks of limestone mined from the nearby labor camps. The party get a few glancing stares from the towns people as they are escorted from the wagon to an administrative building on the south side of the city. After being escorted to an empty holding room, the party is fed rations and water before turning in for the night.

12 Abadiaus, 4011

Shortly after day breaks, the party is led out to the outside for some fresh desert air. Not long after two hours, they are led back into the building, seperated and interveiwed by a young Osirion female with emerald eyes, olive skin, and straight balck hair. She is wearing a royal blue robe with golden trim, the official wardrobe of The Ruby Princes forces. She introduces herself without emotion in Osiriani, like she’s done this hundreds of times. “Welcome to Eto, my name is Hatesh, clerk of the mighty Ruby Prince Khemet the Third, you are here to be processed and evaluated so you may further assist the great nation of Osirion. Please tell me your name, your preferred gender, your race, and any specialties you might have.”

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