Welcome Gentlemen, this will be your first look at Death in the Deshreti!

You shall begin this campaign on arrival to Eto from the capital city Sothis after a five day journey. You are newly acquired slaves thus you begin with no possesions. Fear not, you will receive the needed gear, supplies, and other goodies by the end of the first chapter of this story.

You all traveled together on this 5 day journey chained together at the ankle in the same camel driven cart. This will give you time to learn about each other in case you do not have pre-existing histories with each other.

  • Skills will be important, as will languages. Anyone born in Osirion gets Osiriani as a bonus language, anyone else may want to purchase it by the second level.
  • Survival will also be important, you are in a desert. Depending what you do, you may need to take many checks, it is hot out there.
  • Where you start is not the most magic friendly area. It is ditrusted at best and culled at worst. Feel free to create an arcane or divine caster but remember to be selective about the uses around the uneducated.
  • Endurance may keep you alive depending on where you go.
  • Don’t worry about gear. Make a wish list and hand it to me with your name on it. You will acquire that and currentcy during the sessions.
  • Being an Osirion/Egyptian realm, there is many rumors about undead and animalistic humanoids. Keep that in mind because you may very well find out the validity of these rumors.
  • The land is mostly comprised of Humans, there is a small percentage of half orcs and even a smaller percenage of dwarfs and gnollkin. Seeing races beyond that are not common and many have adverse effects on dealing with others. Think of that when making crazy frogmen… They will probably be shot on sight.
  • 25 points buy. Full HP first level. 2 Traits
  • Write up at least a brief description, a brief history, and at least 3 people you know.

Comment, call, or text me with any questions. 832-606-0901

Death in the Deshreti

Hamenopi Sahara desert